You can order ANY product from the blog posts through my Stampin Up Online Website.

You can order ANY product from the blog posts through my Stampin Up Online Website.
Open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week or you can email me with your order. FREE gift with EVERY online order!


No BABY yet!

Here it is August 29th and no baby yet.   I just knew she would have it on my birthday!!  But she was afraid she would have to let me name the baby!  So now I have resigned the fact that the babies name will NOT be Sadie......I will of course love her just the same....They have a million names picked out and have not decieded yet.  
Here is another one of my DIY projects for the babies room.  Took an old desk that was in Clairs room when she was little, painted it and turned it into a changing table.  By the time I was done.....definately would have been cheaper to buy a NEW one!!

The crib was repainted, curtains made and I did a lamp and lampshade too....Must not have taken a photo of that.  Anyway.....we are almost ready for that baby!!!!    I will keep you in the loop.

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Baby's arrival is getting closer and I have DIY projects gettin done!!

So before the baby shower I did manage to get a couple of cute things done for the babies room.  This is a pcture board.  Fabric covered Artist canvas, lots of ribbon and button glued to brads.  Clair can put photos on there in the babies room.  Cute!!
Then....not being able to sleep one night I decided to make this too.....A sweet little frame Clair can either hang on the wall or set on a bedside table in the babies room.

This week we (Dave and I) are painting the crib Mambo Pink, painting a lamp mambo pink, decorating a new matching lampshade for that lamp, painting a desk and turning that into a fabulous changing table for the babies room.  Should keep us out of trouble.  I will take some photos when they are complete!   I already finished the curtains and the closet curtain....forgot to take photos BUT....I will go over there and take a final photo when the room is done.  Clair did a lovely job painting.....guess what color??? Yep Pink.  It actually bubble gum....not mambo....the accents will be mambo.  So....just in case you dont know....My only daughter is FINALLY having another baby.  Sophie her first child is 9 (yes nine) years its like starting over.  We are all over the moon.  She was dialated to one on Friday so...maybe this week we will have a baby,  Thursday would be good! 
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Gift for a friend.......

This gift is so over the top glittery it makes my eyes hurt.......but I LOVE LOVE LOVE it.  I hope my friend loves it as much as I do.  You know who you are!!   Happy Birthday Becky....its on its way!

Cant wait to hear you squeel! 

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HOliday Mini Video....... is a nice sweet short video using Holiday Mini products.  Hope you enjoy it!  I used this card
at our TEAM Stamp and Chat this month.  The girls got a nice nibble of the Holiday Supplies. Begining tomorrow you can join my Team and receive $150 in supplies for just $99 plus tax in your state!  Sign up today,  NO obligation, NO stamping police if you dont make your minimums.  Just fun, Stamping, Friendship forever....   and click JOIN

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Stamp a stack!!!

Friday and Saturday is 20 cards for just $25!! What a deal....hear is a sneak peek!
Give me a call or shoot me an email if you would like to come over or have a kit mailed to you!

Big day in the garden!

Everything in the garden is exploding !!  Whooo hoooo!  So Dave and I have been canning and freezing the last few days.  Beans, peppers, tomatoes, salsa, pickles (dill, garlic dill and bread and butter), picked onions, raspberry jam, peach butter, and orange marmalade.  Wow I honk I am making my deft tired all over again.  
Also decided to make my families special holiday raspberry cordial!!  Can't wait until Christmas Eve, have not made cordial in over 10 years, don't worry it's like riding a bike!!


Twenty pound cards (made with Videoshop) #videoshop

Here is the video I made today on TWENTY Pound Cards,  Dont forget to

Subscribe to my Channel  (its FREE)

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You Tube Videos! and crazy Social Media

Hi Everybody. 
I have spent the better part of the evening, filming and editing a video for You Tube!  You will love the comedy and the blunders....hey I am learning.  Stepping out of my box!  If you want to see the Videos
I have done you can go to   and search   LKRAUSS828  and there they are. 

Remember to Click SUBSCRIBE  (dont worry its FREE).  Dont worry the YOU Tube police dont come get you.  They just send you an email that I have posted a video for you to watch!!  What fun right.   Well enough of that for now. 

What did you think of the WILD PINK Baby shower.  OMG!!  We had so much fun!  Clair was all smiles. 

Well here is a few cards for you.  I have a workshop of Friday and this is what we are making.  If you know any of the Gleaner girls or would like an invite, be sure to get a hold of one of us!  I am sure we would include you.....

Until next time....Happy Stamping.

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Hoping to live long enough to use
ALL of my stamping goodies  :)


Team stamp and chat

Our team stamp chat and eat was today. I have the girlies a short lesson on brayer ing.  I LOVE my brayer almost as much as snail!!  Sue demoed some cute stuff too!  The only way to attend is sogn up to be a demonstrator on my team.  Lots of new goodies, more coming soon!!  Call me if your interested!


Today is the day!! The baby shower!!

Well.... My daughter is having a baby!  Their daughter is nine years old, they have been trying for a long time to add to their family!  Well.....just a few more weeks and our lithe bundle will be here!  So this is what's been going on the last few weeks/days/minutes!!
Sophie and I with a car load of balloons!

We are ready for the guests!
Some favors and treats, Clair even baked 25 mini loaves of bread!
There will be push up cake pops and beautiful cupcakes here very soon!
A photo board for the babies room
Presents have been arriving!!
Did this last night at 1:00am when I couldn't sleep.  Of course for baby Sadie's room.  That is not what her name is but wishful thinking.  I would be over the moon if they actually named her that!!

All ready to add the food and treats.  Stayed tuned!!!


Devine cards are so..... Divine!

I love making over the top fussy cards with fussy envelopes!!  Here are a few for this week.  Classes still have some seats open.  


Good morning!!  I am going to share the August blendabilities project with you today.  They are so much fun and so EASY!  Every month the club members get some "product" and then they enough cardstock to complete a project. One month of the five they are the hostess and get $25 in free stuff of their choice.  All for one low price.  They also have access to a private Facebook page where they can access videos on doing the projects.  You have to be in the club to get access to the video.  There are still spots open in the club if you are interested shoot me an email,