You can order ANY product from the blog posts through my Stampin Up Online Website.

You can order ANY product from the blog posts through my Stampin Up Online Website.
Open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week or you can email me with your order. FREE gift with EVERY online order!


Still cold...... Still below zero

Well i am officially sick.  I had Sophie this week and had to go into the world's biggest germ incubator (school).  It's hard to imagine that any germs are living after the sub-zero winter we have had.  So.. I am laying around today trying to feel better.  Maybe i will cut some cardstock later!  Happy thursday


Stamp a stack!

Howdy gals, we had a great time tonight!  Dave made a "redneck bridge" for us to get from the driveway of ice over the icey mudpuddle lake to the half flooded garage!!  (photo tomorrow I hope).  Did you get the visual through telepathy.  We chatted and laughed over 60's Startrek quotes that unfortunately we all knew and a little husband bashing.  Thanks gals for a totally fun night!!

Freezing cold tuesday

Happy Tuesday!!  We are back to just 7 degrees this am..... BRRRRRRR.  No walk today, my back is feeling the effects of not walking.  :(  so today we will cut cardstock, make kits, have scrapbook class, run errands etc.  Sophie is staying with us for 5 days so i have some added responsibilities this week.   Keeping another human and her bunny alive and getting her to and from school on time!!  
Here is a cute QUICK card for you!!


Punch card class is today!!

Here is one of the adorable cards we are doing in class today.  Seats still open.  

Wow.....somebodies in trouble

Love the flowers but..... Oh well cant be in charge of him everyday!  Right?  Thanx Dave they are beautiful!!  Happy Valentines Day!!


Happy valentines day!!

Love to you all!  Have a great VALENTINES DAY!  Made Daves favorite no-bake cookies, and meatloaf.  Clair and Dennis....made them a pot of homemade potato corn chowder and cookies...... Sophie, she got cookiez, candy and all the love and stamping Grandma could stamp into it!  Hope your Valentines Day rocks your heart.  


Northern lights.....

Sure feels like we are in the arctic or Alaska!  Zero again this morning.  Yesterday it was -17 degrees.  That is 49 whopping degrees BELOW FREEZING.  So in honor of the cold we did the Northern lights technique this week!!  So here it is..... 
And a little photo of what -17 degrees looks like in the morning!  The trees were thick of frost and the sun was starting to come up and then mix in a little fog here and there.   It was absolutely beautiful.  


Technique class coming up

Technique class is right around the corner.  We are doing the "northern lights" technique and the "sunburst" technique.  Cant wait!  

Snowman stampcamp!

Today is / was snowman stampcamp.  This camp was designed for the kiddos.  I have 4 or 5 kiddos coming with their AWESOME GRANDMAS!!  Here are the projects they are making.  I will post so
E additional photos when i get adult permission!  Happy saturday.  


Pins, pins and more pins

Dont forget.... I am doing custom work now that i am home all day.  If there is a bigshot die or framelit......i can make a pin.  $10 tops.  Ships cheap!!  

Bracelets are selling for valentines day,  email me for a price.  $8-$20.  Can do pendants and earrings to match!!