You can order ANY product from the blog posts through my Stampin Up Online Website.

You can order ANY product from the blog posts through my Stampin Up Online Website.
Open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week or you can email me with your order. FREE gift with EVERY online order!


Punch cards

Right before I Left for West Virginia, i had a punch art class.  Cute cards and lots of fun!!

My awesome knitting lesson

So for years i have wanted to try to learn to knit.  Poor Cindy has tried several times ( i am sure its the student )  So... Becky a retired 1st grade teacher agreed to try a different method.  So .... Circular needles, appropriate yarn, a pattern (scarey right), we started.  After two hours she thought she could leave me to "knit" ........Viola!  I was able to pick it back up later that day and over the weekend.  Here is what i have done so far.......i am way too excited.  


Cupcake weekend

Having a great time in West Virginia.  Fun fun fun.  Making lots of goodies, eating Kathy's awesome cooking.  Be home on sunday night.  


Cupcake weekend is finally here!

So this morning it was up at 3:30 AM (omg) and out the door at 4:30AM.  Off to detroit to catch a flight to Pittsburg, PA.  Then will meet Jill and grab our rental car and its off to West Virgina to see Kathy cupcake for the weekend!!  What fun, maybe we will post some of our projects too!  Happy weekend!
Just one of my gifts for my buddies!

First DEVINE stamp class

The first Devine stamp class was a hit,  I personally LOVE LOVE LOVE fussy over the top cards and then bump it up with matching envelopes???   What could be better?   

Winter.......enjoy it

I love winter, snow, and the crispness of it all.  I love knowing I don't have to get out in it too!  Here is a card just for that occasion!  And......a little snow, we are expected to receive about 15 inches!  We will see in the morning, they say the heavy snowfall has not arrived yet!  WOWZER


Brayer class is thursday at 2:00pm

Some craziness at technique class

We actually used our silicone molds that we have for the clay and filled them with colored HOT GLUE!  When the glue was cold, popped right out!  Then we went on to "speckling".  We had alot of fun.  Here are the cards we did.  


Twenty pound card class'

This is what we are doing for twenty pound card class this week.  Thursday at 2:00pm  or Friday at 7pm,  please rsvp


Big shot class tonight!!

Sorry, I have been crazy busy with Sophie, but we have had tons of fun!!!  Now back to the grind as they say.  Big shot class tonight, have openings if you'd like to join us.  Stamp room is warm, driveway is plowed.