You can order ANY product from the blog posts through my Stampin Up Online Website.

You can order ANY product from the blog posts through my Stampin Up Online Website.
Open 24 hours a day / 7 days a week or you can email me with your order. FREE gift with EVERY online order!


Well....I am happy to report that I think I am finally over the hump. I am feeling much better and breathing better too. That Dr. Decker is a miracle worker!! I am starting to finally taper off of the steroids (we shall see how that goes) and hopefully by Monday the 10th, I will be good enough to return to work.....They are probably having a very good time without me!! I am going to do Technique class this weekend. Make sure you email me if you would like to come. Sunday from 2-5 pm. 4 techniques, $20. I have a Halloween sale going on Today and tomorrow. Email me personally for that at . Here are some awesome cards I found on websites on the internet. Thanks to all you yummy artists that give us all inspiration. See you all soon.


Hi everyone. Here are some cards for you to copy over the weekend. Enjoy!!!!


Hello All. Well Here is an AWESOME card made with the Inspired by Nature Set. Have I inspired you yet. Remember a free wood block comes with your set from me, so that you dont have to double mount it if you dont want to.

Love L.


Hi Everyone, sorry no posts for the last couple of days. I havent felt very well and have really been trying to rest. Here are a couple of cutsie patutie cards for you for the up coming holidays.



Card made by Julie Davison. Notice the trend. I cant believe any one could or would like with out this stamp set....Definately my favorite.


Good Evening everyone. Here is a great card also made with the "Inspired by Nature" stamp set. I dont think I could live with out this one. I will posting quite a few cards this weekend for events coming up. Let me know how you like them. Laurie


Here are some generally just cute cards....


Ok guys.....I am going to overload you tonight to make up for the last week. Here are some Halloween ideas for you. Enjoy

Hi Everyone. Please let me introduce spooky spider. He has friends.....spooky pumpkin, spooky ghost, spooky vampire, spooky frank, spooky mummy, anyway you get the picture. Theses are fun and VERY easy to make. All you need is: cardstock, 1/4 inch circle punch, 1/2 circle punch, scallop punch, photo corner punch and a white gel pen....oh and peppermint patties.



Hi Ladies. I hope this evening finds you all well. I am feeling better every day. Today I was reminded however of just how sick I really was. I went on a "field trip" to the grocery store. Boy was I whipped when I returned home. That is about all I got done today. I did mount some stamps, but......that was the extent of my energy. Here is your card for the day. A nice simple christmas card to get you started on your holiday card making.

Love L.


Victor Vampire would like to wish you HAPPY STAMPING at the HOLIDAY MONSTER MASH STAMP CAMP. Wont you join us.

Love l.


Good afternoon Ladies.

Here is a christmas card that we will be making in card class. Everyone fell in love with it. I got the idea from a swap from Founders Circle. I will be using those 100 ideas for all the upcoming Christmas Card Classes. Today I did something out of my box.....I tought a MINI technique class at the "Gotta Scrap Inn". It was very nice. Got me out of the house for a couple of hours.....(very nice) and I made some money! Wendy the owner is delightful, the Inn is beautiful and there is even a "secret" room in the basement. Had a bunch of fun. I hope I get invited back for those! Home now, going to take a nap. For those of you who are keeping tabs on me. I am feeling better every day. I am still pretty tired though. See you soon.

Love Laurie


Hello ladies.

I am sorry I have not posted much this week. Getting better has been my number one priority. I do feel better, however, my doctor says I am not out of the woods yet. I will need to stay home for another week. I wasnt even home this long to have a baby!! What is she thinking. Well is the last day of antibiotics and steroids (I hope) we will see what tomorrow brings. I had three wonderful visitors today. Becky, Pam and Della. It was nice to speak to someone other than the boys (dogs). Dave continues to take excellent care of me. So....with all that said I will make it up to you tonight and post a few ...(3) cards for you. Please enjoy. Feel free to stop by or call. My cough is worse than my bite.

Love l.


Good Afternoon Everyone. I am feeling pretty good today. Slept in.....Dear Husband is taking very good care of me. Did all my errands today, banking, post office, pharmacy.....

Here is the card I made to send to Shelli Gardner, a thank you for Founders Cirlce trip. She is so AWESOME.....she is just a wonderful human being. When I grow up......I do want to be just like her.

I cut some materal today to make some fabric banners. I thought I would be able to get more done, but....I guess I am as weak as a newborn kitten. Didnt take much for me to figure out I needed a rest. I can do more later...heck I have all night. sleep. I had a visit today from my friend Nancy. She brought the most beautiful vase of fall flowers. They are exquisite. And I shouldnt tell, but she also baked a plate of my favorite cookies....peanut blossoms....oh my are they good fresh out of the oven this am.

Well. I am off for a breathing tx and a nap. Chat tomorrow. Dont be afraid to call. I just sound bad.

Love l.

Good Evening,

Hope this finds you all well. I am doing better and better each day. Had a nice quiet stamping afternoon today. My dear husband, got groceries and cooked dinner.......
I took a nap! Well now I have to take my steroids so I will probably be up for hours.....this schedule has to go.
Short post today. chat tomorrow.


Hi Everyone.....

I have returned from the dead! I am very sorry that I have not posted in a few days. Last week, I began having some problems with my Asthma and bad went to worse and went to critical. I ended up in the ER on Friday during the middle of the night. If that wasnt bad enough, after two doctor visits, one monday and one tuesday, I ended up in the hospital. Well the steroids and breathing treatments worked very well, but I am not quite there. Have to stay home for another week as I did end up with a lower lobe infiltrate of my lung (pnuemonia). So, I am home on steroids, antibiotics and lots of insulin to try to control the blood sugars from the steroids. So here is your card for today. Hopefully I will be seeing you all very soon.

Love Laurie