You can order ANY product from the blog posts through my Stampin Up Online Website.

You can order ANY product from the blog posts through my Stampin Up Online Website.
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North to Alaska! But glad to be home.

 Our first glimpse of Alaska.  It was SOOOOO Beautiful.  This was Katchican Alaska.  Very charming.
 Our First Eagle sighting of MANY....they were everywhere.  They are really regal.
 We did a Rainforest nature walk.  This beautiful lady was injured and at the Raptor Center.  She had to have one of her wings amputated, but they are taking wonderful care of her there. 
 This is an injured Great Horned Owl.  We are actually only about 18 inches from her.  She was AWESOME.
 Dave feeding the REINDEER lettuce.  They loved it.  They even let us pet their antlers.  They were warm and very fuzzy.   They are not actually native to Alaska.  The lady that runs the raptor center is taking care of 5 of the reindeer.
 This is a pile of BEAR skat!  Right in the middle of a HUMAN trail.  We saw LOTS of signs of BEAR but luckily no BEAR.  Our guide was very good about counting and recounting to make sure we were all there.  We did have to hike in a small group of 10 and stick together.  Bears.....dont see very well. 
 Tracy Arm Fjord.  OH MY was so Beautiful.  It too us about 4 hours to sail in and out.   Icy!!
 Here is the Glacier at the end of the Fjord.  It was BIG, ICY and BLUE.  We  did see an occasional otter swimming around.
 Here is a view from the HELICOPTER ride.   Way out of my box ladies......Dave got to sit in the FRONT seat.  I was good with the back seat thank you......
 A Beautiful stream at Liarsville.  Liarsville is the beginning of the Yukon trail up to the gold fields.  We panned for gold here.  This is were all of the news paper people stayed as they did not want to make the trek up the "Dead Horse Pass" into theYukon.
 This is a photo of the FRONT of the train while we were on the back of the train.  The scenery was stunning.
Dave road our on the platform the WHOLE trip.  Oh...I saw a Black Bear on the way up!!  The last two photos are in Victoria, Brittish Columbia.  The first is of Craigdarroch Castle and the second in the Brochart Gardens.  Both were Fabulous!!  You know how we love OLD stuff. 

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